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What people are saying...

"I wanted to share some happy news: in early September I will begin a new job working on scholarly exchanges in francophone Africa: in other words, using French on the job! It’s something that’s basically been a back-burner dream of mine for, well, my whole life. Though I’ve always felt very connected to my French (Canadian) heritage and dreamed of finding a job that would let me have the pleasure of speaking French on a daily basis, I never thought I was good enough and never really tried to make it happen. Then, magically, the perfect opportunity fell into my lap. And because of the Alliance, I was ready. Through and through, I have to credit the Alliance for being the very heartbeat of my French exposure in DC. Without the Alliance, there is no chance – not in a million years – that I would have an opportunity like this…"

“Simply put, AF programming is outstanding. Our daughter’s French language capability…and her appreciation for French culture….are both advancing rapidly and the AF is making an ongoing material contribution to her learning. Thank you so much!!!”