Welcome to the Alliance Française of Washington, DC!

To find courses that are best for you, follow these steps:

1 Learn about different levels of adult courses

All of the Alliance Française network’s language courses are structured according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF). The CEF is the language and fluency level scale used  in the European Union. It serves as the guideline for describing the level of fluency achieved by a foreign language learner. AFDC adult courses range from the A1 level (beginner) to the C2 level (master/proficient). Find out what your level is. AFDC provides courses from Beginner at A1 to Expert at C2.

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2 Take the free placement test

Placement tests are required for new adult students with any prior experience in French at any institution and for returning students who have not taken a course at AFDC within the past year. There are two parts to the placement test - a written prompt and an oral assessment. After you’ve completed the written prompt, AFDC will contact you to do your oral assessment.

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3View courses now, register and pay later

You will need to complete both the written prompt and oral assessment before you can register for courses above the A1 level.

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