Following official information received yesterday pertaining to the Plan Vigipirate, applicable to all governmental and non-governmental institutions with a link to France, the  Alliance Francaise of Washington DC reserves the right to ask first-time visitors for their government-issue ID when they enter the building.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding. This procedure is temporary but will remain in place until further notice.

Welcome to the Alliance Française of Washington, DC!

To find courses that are best for kids and teens, follow these steps:

1 Decide if you are looking for a course or camp

The Alliance Française offers courses for children ages 1-18. We also offer day camps, fall, spring and summer camps, private courses and field trips for both kids and teens.

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2If you're looking for a course, learn about different levels

Alliance Française has the following offerings for kids and teens: Bébés, Pitchouns, Gamins/Gamines, Zoom, Gavroches, Fref, Club Ados, A La Une, and Les Ados.

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3 Request to schedule a free placement test 

If your kid or teen is francophone or has had exposure to the French language, please click the button below to begin the placement test process.

Note, you will need to create an account or log into your existing account to take the book the free placement test. Placement tests are conducted online - you'll be sent a Zoom meeting invitation after booking but please allow up to 2 business days as they are manually generated.

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4View and register for courses and activities now

Your kid or teen must complete their placement test before you can register them for courses above the beginner level.

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