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2020 AFI European Union Film Showcase

AFDC is proud to be partnering with the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center to bring you the 33rd AFI European Union Film Showcase. This year’s Showcase is presented online for the first time; all films are available to viewers in the AFI Silver’s home region of Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC, and 29 films are available to view throughout the United States and U.S. Territories.

This year's Showcase features 48 films representing 25 EU member states, including award winners, regional box-office hits, debut works by up-and-coming talents and new works by leading auteurs, plus nine of the top contenders for this year's Academy Award® for Best International Feature Film and 12 U.S. and North American premieres.

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Available Nationally | Directorial Debuts | Comedies | Romance
Available December 11, 9:00 AM - December 20, 11:45 PM, 2020

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Road movie, buddy comedy, summer romance or social commentary? All could equally describe Guillaume Brac's highly entertaining and refreshing dramedy about an oddball trio who find themselves on an impromptu summer vacation to the south of France on a foolhardy romantic mission. Left lovelorn after the whirlwind one-night romance he shared with the beautiful Alma (Asma Messaoudene), Felix (Eric Nantchouang) must do something bold if he wants to hold onto her. Knowing she is leaving the next morning to spend the summer at a small riverside town more than 300 miles from his home in Paris, Felix intends to follow and surprise her there, convincing his best friend Chérif (Salif Cissé) and unwitting companion Edouard (Édouard Sulpice) to accompany him. When Alma is less than thrilled to see him, Felix's romantic fantasies of their reunion suddenly seem to have been arrogant and impetuous all along. As he determines whether any hope remains in recapturing the spark with Alma, Chérif and Edouard explore the town free from expectation, embracing the bittersweetness of young love and the passing summer days. Winner, FIPRESCI Prize – Honorable Mention, 2020 Berlin International Film Festival. Official Selection, 2020 AFI FEST, Reykjavik and Odesa film festivals.


Available in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. | Special Presentations | Comedies | Based on a True Story
Available December 5, 9:00 AM - December 20, 11:45 PM, 2020

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Etienne (Kad Merad, THE CHORUS, WELCOME TO THE STICKS), an often out-of-work but endearing actor, runs a theater workshop in a prison where he brings together an unlikely troupe of inmates to stage Samuel Beckett's famous play, "Waiting for Godot." After months of working with the new actors to fine-tune their natural talents and much bargaining with the warden, he is given permission to take the colorful band of convicts on a tour into the outside world. Now, Etienne and his troupe finally have the chance to thrive. After the first rousing performance, each added show is a new success, and a unique relationship grows between this ad hoc group of actors and their director. But soon comes the final performance in Paris. Will their last night together be the biggest hit of them all? This winning comedy, based on a true story, features brilliant performances from the young, up-and-coming cast, as well as veteran actors from the Comédie Française, the oldest active theater company in the world. (Note adapted from MK2.) Official Selection, 2020 Cannes Film Festival.



Available Nationally | Special Presentations | Opening and Closing Selections | Comedies |History on Film | LGBTQ+ Interest | Stories of Women | Labor Films
Available December 2, 9:00 AM - December 20, 11:45 PM, 2020

Opening Selection.

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Set in the months leading up to the nationwide protests of May 1968, César winner Martin Provost's (THE MIDWIFE, SÉRAPHINE, VIOLETTE) big-hearted comedy takes place in the Van der Beck School of Housekeeping and Good Manners in Alsace. There, the immaculate and morally upright Paulette Van der Beck (Oscar® winner Juliette Binoche, THE ENGLISH PATIENT) and her husband train teenage girls to become perfect housewives with the help of her eccentric sister (Yolande Moreau, AMÉLIE) and the school's formidable ex-Resistance nun (Noémie Lvovsky, JACKY IN THE KINGDOM OF WOMEN). After a tragic accident leaves the school without a patriarch, Paulette is forced to take charge, discovering that the institution is verging on financial ruin. She is also flustered by an encounter with her first love (Édouard Baer, MOLIÈRE), who yearns to rekindle their romance. Meanwhile, the protest movement sweeping the nation is beginning to infiltrate the school's carefully maintained bubble, encouraging the pupils to challenge everything they've been told. And all this just as the school prepares to compete in a televised housekeeping competition. Sacré bleu! Striking a satirical yet tender tone that channels everything from THE SOUND OF MUSIC to BUT I'M A CHEERLEADER, this enchanting and escapist tale of female solidarity is just what the doctor ordered.



Available in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC | LGBTQ+ Interest | Documentaries | Stories of Women

In Cannes’ Queer Palm award-winner Sébastien Lifshitz's (ADOLESCENTS, COME UNDONE, GOING SOUTH, WILD SIDE) powerful and poignant documentary, we meet seven-year-old Sasha, a girl from rural northeastern France who was born in a boy's body, but has always identified as female. Initially resistant and confused, her parents have come to embrace what Sasha has known all along — at age two, she told them she wanted to be a girl when she grew up — and so begins their journey together in an often-ignorant world. Shot over the course of a year, LITTLE GIRL is a profound, intimate, heartrending and ultimately hopeful portrait of Sasha's struggles to be recognized by her school, her peers and her community — and of her parents' commitment to ensuring she is accepted for exactly who she is. Winner, Best Documentary, 2020 Chicago International Film Festival; Winner, Best Film, 2020 Ghent International Film Festival. Official Selection, 2020 Berlin International Film Festival.



Available in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC | Special Presentations | Directorial Debuts | Women Directors | Based on a True Story | Architecture and the Built Environment

The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic in the southern Caucasus Mountains is a small breakaway country inaccessible by air. There is, however, an airport that has been inoperable since the escalation of war in 1990, with full facilities, employees and a runway that has still not been cleared for use. Alain (Grégoire Colin, BEAU TRAVAIL), an airport auditor, is sent from France to evaluate the situation and decide if it can open. Since conflict surrounds the small nation that signed a ceasefire in 1994 with neighboring nations Armenia and Azerbaijan, it must first be determined safe. As his investigation continues, Alain becomes enmeshed with the lives of the people of Karabakh, making his evaluation increasingly personal, with the people of the small republic counting on him to open them up to the larger world. Franco-Armenian director Nora Martirosyan shot the film in and around the real airport and based many of the characters on the people she met during her time there. Her debut feature shows a people full of hope, willing to believe the impossible is possible. (Note adapted from AFI FEST.) Official Selection, 2020 Cannes and AFI FEST film festivals.



Available Nationally | LGBTQ+ Interest | Crime Films | Based on a Book | History on Film | Thrillers | Romance | Coming-of-Age Films

With SUMMER OF 85, François Ozon (BY THE GRACE OF GOD, FRANTZ, POTICHE, SWIMMING POOL) expertly mixes camp, queerness, dark humor and thriller elements into a sun-drenched romance-turned-tragedy set on the coast of Normandy in the 1980s. Alexis (Félix Lefebvre) is a working-class teenager deciding whether to join the workforce or continue his studies in literature. While out sailing, he capsizes during a storm and is saved by 18-year-old stranger David (Benjamin Voisin). David takes Alexis to his home, where they meet David's forceful and charismatic mother (the hilarious Valeria Bruni Tedeschi). As David takes the helm of this new friendship, romance blossoms, and soon he is showering Alexis with attention and gifts, even giving him a summer job at his mother's nautical store, which David took over after his father's recent death. The chemistry between the two actors burns as their summer fling gives way to a dangerous obsession and David's fixation on Alexis turns into something more deranged. SUMMER OF 85 is both a joyful celebration of desire and youthful sexuality and an astute exploration of infatuation, devotion and identity; CALL ME BY YOUR NAME meets PURPLE NOON with a killer '80s soundtrack. Official Selection, 2020 Toronto, San Sebastián, Rome, Chicago, NewFest, Philadelphia and Stockholm film festivals.