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"All those in positions of authority--politicians, parents, teachers--maintain the same line: 'Do what you like, but do it in private.'"

Sex and Lies: True Stories of Women's Intimate Lives in the Arab World is a fearless exposé of the secrets and lies of women's intimate lives, by the bestselling author of The Perfect Nanny and Adèle.

Leila Slimani was in her native Morocco promoting her novel Adèle, about a woman addicted to sex, when she began meeting women who confided the dark secrets of their sexual lives. In Morocco, adultery, abortion, homosexuality, prostitution, and sex outside of marriage are all punishable by law, and women have only two choices: They can be wives or virgins. Sex and Lies combines vivid, often harrowing testimonies with Slimani's passionate and intelligent commentary to make a galvanizing case for a sexual revolution in the Arab world.

Slimani will be in conversation with Soraya Chemaly, award-winning writer, media critic, and director of the Women’s Media Center Speech Project.

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The exhibition We Return Fighting reminds us not only of the central role of African American soldiers in the war that first made their country a world power. It also reveals the way the conflict shaped African American identity and lent fuel to their longstanding efforts to demand full civil rights and to stake their place in the country's cultural and political landscape.


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This vibrant movie tells the story of Nedjma, a university student during the Algerian Civil War. Although she’s studying French, her passion is fashion design. Defying religious conservatism, she custom-makes dresses for her peers that are examples of individual expression.


Organized in association with the exhibition True to Nature: Open-Air Painting in Europe, 1780–1870, this program of artists’ short films addresses the natural world through the motion picture lens. Created by established and emerging filmmakers, these seven distinctive works employ personal perspectives to inform the representation of place—whether land and sea with their flora and fauna, or other creatures that inhabit the earth.


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Fringe theatre is produced in smaller venues with lower budgets, while tackling innovative, often controversial, subject matters. In London, for example, fringe theatre tends to take place above pubs, while New York offers off-off-Broadway theatre and Europe champions free fringe theatre. What also makes fringe theatre so special is that it’s unjuried, meaning there are no entry requirements, no judges, and everyone's a winner! This encourages performers of any background to take part, for the purpose of performance itself. It’s also interesting to consider that Fringe shows are typically sparse, while casts are small, and spaces are shared. One-person shows are common at fringe festivals due to their lack of financial demand. Because of the lack of financial commitment that often goes into fringe performances, they make for often far more risky theatre – you’re definitely likely to find some gems!


If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected, and this year’s Paris Fringe is no exception to the rule. Every Saturday and Sunday of the month of June, a new program will be published, displaying a range of new and innovative performances for all to enjoy. As the festival is being streamed online for free, you’re definitely to expect a lot of theatre in the coming weeks. While the festival and artists will be accepting donations in any capacity, the festival is ultimately being put on so as to support the arts and keep the theatre spirit alive during this trying time. This year at Paris Fringe, they will be welcoming shows from all across the globe, including India, Albania, France, Italy, Canada, the UK, Belgium, the USA, Australia, Ireland and Brazil. Performances will take place anywhere from local theatre spaces or living rooms, in true 2020 fashion. 





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For over 40 years, until his death in 1926, Giverny was Monet's home, his site of creation and his masterpiece. A world of senses, of colors and of memories, the house in which the artist and his family lived notably contains his studio-sitting room and his exceptional collection of Japanese prints. The gardens are composed of the Clos Normand, with its flowerbeds, and the Water Garden, planted with oriental vegetation and weeping willows, its Japanese bridge painted green and its waterlilies.


Emblematic figures of modern art and the contemporary cultural scene presented by curators and artists; #PompidouVIP : à la découverte des Very Important Pieces du Centre Pompidou !; web series for kids, Pop Art & artistic movements of the 20th century, and much more! 

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LECTURE Introduction to the Exhibition—Degas at the Opéra: