Following official information received yesterday pertaining to the Plan Vigipirate, applicable to all governmental and non-governmental institutions with a link to France, the  Alliance Francaise of Washington DC reserves the right to ask first-time visitors for their government-issue ID when they enter the building.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding. This procedure is temporary but will remain in place until further notice.

Private French Language Classes

The Alliance Française de Washington provides customized, private one-on-one and semi-private instruction. Start at any time and benefit from flexible scheduling and personalized instruction with a qualified native French-speaker teacher.

Private classes can be scheduled

For students currently enrolled in a group class who missed a class, the make-up class special rate is $65 per hour. Contact or for purchase.

French Language Classes over ZOOM

If you live far from the Alliance Française de Washington or have a busy schedule, French Language Classes over ZOOM are the solution for you!

You’ll need:

Ready to start your private French language class?

            The Academic Director at or the Adult Private Lessons Advisor at

Rates updated on October 6, 2022

Rates, On-Site at AFDC: 

One Student
  • 5-9 hours $80/h
  • 10-24 hours $75/h
  • 25 hours or more $70/h
Two Students
  • 5-9 hours $95/h
  • 10-24 hours $85/h
  • 25 hours or more $75/h
Three Students 
  • 5-9 hours $105/h
  • 10-24 hours $95/h
  • 25 hours or more $85/h

Rates, Off-Site : Via ZOOM

In-Person Rates
  • Hourly rates are the same as listed above.
  • Transportation fees are $16/class session.
  • Please note: availability is limited for off-site classes.
ZOOM Rates (1 student)                 ZOOM Rates (2 students)                         ZOOM Rates (3 students)
  • 5-9 hours $75/h                              5-9 hours $90/h                                              5-9 hours $100/h
  • 10-24 hours $70/h                         10-24 hours  $80/h                                       10-24 hours $95/h
  • 25 hours or more $65/h                 25 hours or more  $70/h                          25 hours or more $90/h

Other Fees:

Private Classes Policies

In addition to our general policies:

Semi-private Classes

AFDC does not currently match students. Students wishing to learn together may request semi-private classes. Students should have the same level and must submit placement tests to verify.

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