Private French Language Classes

The Alliance Française de Washington provides customized, private one-on-one and semi-private instruction. Start at any time and benefit from flexible scheduling and personalized instruction with a qualified native French-speaker teacher.

Private classes can be scheduled

For students currently enrolled in a group class who missed a class, the make-up class special rate is $65 per hour. Contact or for purchase.

French Language Classes over ZOOM

If you live far from the Alliance Française de Washington or have a busy schedule, French Language Classes over ZOOM are the solution for you!

You’ll need:

Ready to start your private French language class?

            The Academic Director at or the Adult Private Lessons Advisor at

Rates updated on October 6, 2022

Rates, On-Site at AFDC: 

One Student
  • 5-9 hours $80/h
  • 10-24 hours $75/h
  • 25 hours or more $70/h
Two Students
  • 5-9 hours $95/h
  • 10-24 hours $85/h
  • 25 hours or more $75/h
Three Students 
  • 5-9 hours $105/h
  • 10-24 hours $95/h
  • 25 hours or more $85/h

Rates, Off-Site : Via ZOOM

In-Person Rates
  • Hourly rates are the same as listed above.
  • Transportation fees are $16/class session.
  • Please note: availability is limited for off-site classes.
ZOOM Rates (1 student)                 ZOOM Rates (2 students)                         ZOOM Rates (3 students)
  • 5-9 hours $75/h                              5-9 hours $90/h                                              5-9 hours $100/h
  • 10-24 hours $70/h                         10-24 hours  $80/h                                       10-24 hours $95/h
  • 25 hours or more $65/h                 25 hours or more  $70/h                          25 hours or more $90/h

Other Fees:

Private Classes Policies

In addition to our general policies:

Semi-private Classes

AFDC does not currently match students. Students wishing to learn together may request semi-private classes. Students should have the same level and must submit placement tests to verify.

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