Following official information received yesterday pertaining to the Plan Vigipirate, applicable to all governmental and non-governmental institutions with a link to France, the  Alliance Francaise of Washington DC reserves the right to ask first-time visitors for their government-issue ID when they enter the building.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding. This procedure is temporary but will remain in place until further notice.



Migraaaants : Scenes From The Play & Discussion at AFDC

Wednesday 6th March 2024 — 7:00pm to 9:00pm

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Join us at the Alliance Française for a unique event! Watch Expats Theatre perform selected scenes from Migraaaants or There’s Too Many People On this Damn Boat written by French-Romanian playwright Matéi Visniec's and directed by Karin Rosnizeck, and then listen to a discussion on migration.

Event Format

Doors open at 6:30 PM. This is a seated even and spots are limited - advance registration is required. We will be serving wine at this event.

Entrance Policy

Please be ready to show proof of Covid vaccination upon entry.

About the play

Migraaaants or There’s Too Many People On this Damn Boat is written by French-Romanian, Paris-based playwright Matéi Visniec.

Visniec’s dark comedy written shortly after the so-called "refugee crisis" in Europe, focuses on the issue of migration. 26 short scenes explore the plight of migrants as they cross seas, deal with profiteers, face dehumanization and exploitation, navigate cultural and political barriers on their endless obstacle race to the host country.

A brilliant and bold satire shining a critical and sobering light onto one of the biggest human tragedies of our time.

About the theater

Expats Theatre ( was founded by Karin Rosnizeck to bring contemporary international plays with global themes to DC.

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