AFDC Film Festival: "La nuit porte-jarretelles" by Virginie Thévenet

Friday 15th November 2019 — 6:30pm to 8:30pm

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Alliance Française of Washington, DC and a French film magazine Cahiers du Cinéma are partnering again, this time to bring you its first Film Festival "SEVEN WOMEN: Seven Decades of Alliance Française through Seven Films by Women".  

La nuit porte-jarretelles by Virginie Thévenet will be screened at the Alliance Française of Washington, DC on Friday, November 15 at 7 pm preceded by a "happy hour" reception starting at 6:30 pm. 

La nuit porte-jarretelles (1985) | 85 min | France | in French without subtitles

La Nuit porte-jarretelles (English title: The Night Wears Suspenders) is a 1985 French film directed by Virginie Thévenet. Ariel and Jezebel discover Paris, especially different aspects of its night life.

AFDC members: $5 + Eventbrite fees; Non-members: $10 - Eventbrite fees

Film Festival Schedule:

Monday, November 11, 3:00 pm at the National Gallery of Art, Lecture Hall of the West Building

La pointe courte (1954), by Agnès Varda | 86 min | France | in French with English subtitles

Tuesday, November 12, 7:00 pm, at Alliance Française of Washington, DC

Détruire, dit-elle (1969), by Marguerite Duras | 100 min | France | in French without subtitles

Wednesday, November 13, 7:00 pm, at The Avalon Theatre

De l'autre côté (2002), by Chantal Akerman | 109 min | France, Belgium, Australia, Finland | in French, English, Spanish with English subtitles

Thursday, November 14, 7:00 pm, at American Film Institute in Silver Spring

35 Rhums (2008), by Claire Denis| 100 min | France | in French and German with English subtitles

Friday, November 15, 7:00pm, at Alliance Française of Washington, DC

La nuit porte-jarretelles (1985), by Virginie Thévenet |85 min | France| in French without subtitles

Saturday, November 16, 3:00 pm, at The Kennedy Center, Cinema Room, The REACH

Fad, Jal (1979), by Safi Faye | 112 min | France, Senegal | in Serer with English subtitles

Monday, November 18, 7:00 pm, at La Maison Française of the French Embassy

Paul Sanchez est revenu! (2018), by Patricia Mazuy |110 min | France, Belgium | in French with English subtitles

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