Alliance Française Educational Initiatives (AFEI)

A program sponsored by the Alliance Française de Washington in partnership with the District of Columbia Public School System (DCPS), Alliance Française Educational Initiatives are an expression of the AFDC's long term commitment to the local community.

Each week the AFEI program sends highly qualified and certified French teachers into DCPS schools to offer a lively mix of rigorous language training and cultural enrichment activities.


The pedagogical program is a comprehensive introduction to French and Francophone linguistics and cultures, adaptable to students in grades 3-5. Classes selected for the program benefit from 90 minutes of French instruction per week (45 minutes, twice a week).

The pedagogical content targets three major objectives to be achieved by students upon the completion of the program:

Basic proficiency in French language

  • Curriculum overview: Pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, syntax, verb conjugations.
  • Teaching is conducted exclusively in French.
  • Emphasis is put on listening comprehension and speaking proficiency through use of repetition and transformation drills, games and songs. Students work from their Tip Top textbook and workbook to reinforce writing and grammar skills.
  • Students take the DELF Prim exam, which is based on the CEF Global Scale, to evaluate their skills at the end of the year.

Cultural awareness

  • Curriculum overview: Topics covered include, but are not limited to: general presentation of France and of the Francophone world, cultural similarities and differences between France and the U.S., food, clothing, school system, typical daily schedule, etc.
  • Presentations are conducted in English.

Cultural outreach

  • Past activities have included field trips to the Alliance Française and francophone embassies in DC, theater performances, concerts, and interactive workshops.
  • Most recently, in May 2012 students participated in workshops with hip-hop dancer Aurélien Kairo and dance crew Par-Allèles as part of the AFDC's Urban Corps transatlantic dance festival.


Established in 2002 in honor of Anne Bujon, wife of former French Ambassador François Bujon de l’Estang, this initiative offers a tangible connection with the French language and francophone culture and way of life to DC public elementary schools with little access to supplemental programming. As of the fall of 2011, the AFEI works with third, fourth, and fifth graders in two elementary schools in DC: Orr Elementary and Bowen Elementary.
Visits from international figures in the sciences and arts, cultural events, and outings to French restaurants supplement the classroom experience and open doors to a wider world. Today, the Alliance Française Educational Initiative is in more classrooms, reaching more students, and offering a stronger curriculum than ever before.

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