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12-24 months
A gentle introduction to the French-speaking world where children engage in playful activities through song, dance, nursery rhymes and more. Parents or caregivers encourage children to begin forming and responding to new sounds.
24-36 months
Children learn new words and language structures through interactive, age-appropriate activities such as arts and crafts, dance, games, story time, and movies.

3-5 years
Help your youngster start learning French with games, songs, and activities.
5-6 years
Music, arts, crafts, games, and storytime create the basic frame for building French communication skills.
6-8 years
This course is specially designed for young readers. Zoom, the mascot, introduces them to a new yet familiar environment through pictures, sounds and beginning language.
6-8 years
 A course for francophone children enrolled in the American education system who want to learn to read in French. 1st year: Sam et Julie; 2nd year: Je lis avec Lulu; 3rd year: Pepites.
8-10 years
Levels 1 & 2
The main purpose of this course is oral communication and comprehension. Reading and writing is introduced. Games use children's learning materials.
Ages 8-13
 A course for francophone children who live in the US and attend an American school. This class will help reinforce French and solidify francophone roots.
Et toi?
10-12 years
Levels 1 & 2
This course is action-oriented: children learn French while performing tasks or completing projects. Activities are short and varied, focusing on a variety of topics.
13-15 years
With Adosphere, teenagers are invited to meet 8 French teens and explore their environment through emails, invitations, text messages, and conversations.
Les Ados
12-15 years
Les Ados focuses on conjugation, grammar and spelling... plus fun! Teenagers write to francophone pen pals, interview artists, and make videos.

» Testimonials

"My daughter... 2.5 years old, enjoys attending the class and looks forward to it. We find the supplemental material emailed to us very useful and she enjoys reviewing the material as well." -Parent, Bebes 24-36, Fall 2014

"We have enjoyed the class so far, Ms. Hagan is excellent. {Child} needed a few classes to relax and adapt to the environment, but she has been looking forward to the class since the start. We especially like that crafts are included in every session as she takes the project home and shows it to other family members." - Parent, Bebes 24-36, Fall 2014

"Thank you! We love the class! Great arts and crafts and interactions! Great teacher!" - Parent, Bebes 24-36, Fall 2014

"{Child} is feeling very good about Les Ados and she looks forward to it every week... I am sensing that she is becoming very proud of the fact that she is in Les Ados and she is becoming more and more fluent in French." - Parent, Les Ados, Fall 2014

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