Workshops and themed courses

Fall 2014 Session                                       

Adult Workshops 8 Week
September 15 - November 14

December 2014

Intensives 2 Week
December 1 - December 12
December 8 - December 19

Late Summer 2014 Session

Adults Intensive 2-Week
August 18 - August 29



A conversation-based class centered around global daily news.
Art History
A language course conducted through the study of art and how to speak about it. Includes a visit to the Phillips Collection.
Atelier grammaire
For students looking for additional focus on technical grammar skills such as verb conjugations, use of pronouns, negative form, and more.

Atelier d'écriture
A creative and instructional writing workshop for levels 400 and above.

Let's chat! This course offers a break from standard classes to allow students to reinforce their conversational skills.

NEW! Breakfast and Tea Time at the Caucus Room
Follow the tradition of French "salon". Come and join a conversation in French over a coffee or a tea at The Caucus Room
Brush Up
Various levels of refresher courses that present a deeper look at grammatical structures and other tools to strengthen students' fundamental ability to use the language.
Ca bouge en France French culture is explored through a look at regional history, traditions, gastronomy, and pop culture.
expliquées du
A corrective grammar course conceived especially to explain difficulties encountered by English-speaking students studying French and respond to the most prevelant mistakes that they make.

L'écrit An emphasis of written French with special attention on essays and writing techniques used at the university and post-university level.

Français des Affaires A curriculum that is devoted to vocabulary and language used in business settings, such as answering phones, drafting correspondence, and scheduling appointments.

Histoire de  France
Expand your knowledge of French History.

Immersion Days Visit the Alliance for a full day of interactive language learning. One day workshop. Read more.

Through close examinations of classic and/or contemporary French literature, this course develops students' ability to read and discuss topics critically.
Literature courses are offered on a running 8-week basis. 

Pays de la Francophonie Discover some of the fabulous countries where French continues to be spoken: from Africa to the Middle East to Asia; 200 million people speak French worldwide.

It's all about the accent! A useful look at the French language through articulation and phonography. 
NEW: Bundle Phonétique with your Fast Track class!

Préparation DELF/DALF A course targeted specifically to prepare students who intend to sit for the DELF/DALF exams. Offered for level B2 or C1/C2.

Revue de presse
Just as the French argue over politics, so will you as you discover the pleasure of informal discussion and debate in French!
Articles from daily papers and weekly magazines discussing the previous week's international events will be used as a base, particularly to examine varying coverage of the same events in different regions and countries.

TV5 A unique structure that centers around watching and evaluating stories from the TV5 news channels, this course is aimed to challenge students' ability to comprehend ideas and voice opinions about French culture, politics, and more.
Please note: Not all courses are offered every session.

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